3D Virtual Tours offer a broad range of skills to meet many projects requirements. Some projects can be specialist and require a set small range of skills to a high level yet other projects at times require many areas to be interlinked to provide an over all quality product. Our portfolio demonstrates a very wide range of industries that we have previously worked with.

A Number of Clients Industries we we have worked with include –

  • Emergency Response Training
  • Forensics and Crime Scene
  • large scale video Compression Projects
  • High End Video Training
  • Property Markets
  • Software Solutions
  • Educational
  • Building Trades
  • Online Banking/Strategies
  • Garden/Landscaping
  • Catering
  • Video Games
  • Production of Promotion Media such as Trailers and graphics design adverts etc
  • Fashion Industries,
  • Interior Design and Architecture
  • The Music Industry
  • Mobile Applications

Having built up a reliable reputation with our clients we are on call for a number of them as front-line consultants for solving issues that arise within their daily business. A real bonus when considering a small company like us is that we can offer a highly personalized service that allows us to offer real-time support for clients and helping to resolve any issues that arise within their daily business.

Would you like to know more about our services?

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  • Learn more about our current projects from our News Feed.
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3D Virtual Tours look forward to hearing from you and offering our skill-sets and services to assist you with your next project.

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About Us

3D Virtual Tours was founded in 2008, initially inspired by a niche market of clients intending to move long distances. The aim was to provide a hybrid service for estate agents. The requirement was for cost effective 3D virtual tours of existing properties that were for sale. This approach was designed to be used on properties that had no previous architectural 3D graphics created for them.

There were two objectives –

  • Help prospective purchasers to get a better ‘feel’ for a property and its useable space prior to arranging viewings in person.
  • Assist estate agents by reducing the turnaround time to sell a property – maximising profits.

This inital venture was a huge success and has led to a significant number of requests from clients for alternative projects. The demand for our services and facilities continues to grow allowing us to expand, making us a very diverse and highly skilled company. Please view our portfolio for projects we have worked on.

3D Virtual Tours welcome new and returning clients with projects requiring a range of skill sets. We enjoy working in innovative new areas allowing us to increase our repertoire of skills.

To view more information on specific areas we have worked in please hover over the services tab at the top of this page and select what you wish from the drop down menu.

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