Brainstorm Inc

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Brainstorm Inc. was established in 1995 as the premier source for end-user training for software users worldwide.

We have had the privilege of working with Brainstorm Inc. since September 2010. Brainstorm Inc. specialise in software video training that has become an essential learning tool for IT users. Recent research has shown that most people only use about 13% of the potential of their main daily software. Therefore, by utilising video training people can watch and even follow in real time, making it easier to learn software and maximise their use of applications. 17 years of high quality training has given them a well deserved reputation for being regarded as one of the most successful training companies in the software industry.

To produce video training to their extremely high standards there is a long work flow involving several teams including -Software analysis, Scripting, Review, Voice Capture, Video Capture, Audio & Video Sync with sound levels adjustments, Editing, Exporting the compressed training and finally quality control before each video is available for clients. As part of their work flow our role involves the Audio & Video Sync through to quality control. This is prior to the final checking of the quality in-house at Brainstorm.

3D Virtual Tours are extremely proud to be regarded as their lead video editor. We have edited thousands of videos, offering a fast high quality turnaround time to ensure that we continue to meet Brainstorm Inc’s highest standards in their latest video training.