BreakThrough Music Video

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We worked with ‘soundsgood records’ to produce custom music videos based on kinetic typography and custom illustrations. They provided us with the lyrics and music tracks, leaving us with full creative freedom to think of concepts for the video to make it flow following their scripts theme.

We put forward our ideas to the company and awarded the project. The video, called ‘Breakthrough’ was intended to be projected onto a live stage backdrop with the option for use as promotional media for the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. We decided to keep this video quite different from the other by giving it faster pace and a punchy character to match the songs style. We used all of the lyrics in this video instead of selected ones used for ‘Questions’.

‘Soundsgood’ records also requested 3D Virtual Tours to produce another video for them. To learn more about the video titled ‘Questions’ video click here.