Consultancy for Brainstorm Inc

Brainstorm Inc website Image

We are currently working with Brainstorm Inc to produce and finalise the last one of the 3 in-house instructor training videos. Generally we work with the retail/corporate side of their operations for videos that are eventually made available via their Quick Help Plug-in/App.

Brainstorm approached us in the early stages of this project due to our previous involvement with editing videos for them weekly. We offered our expertise early on prior to filming, to provide as much information and input as possible to ensure the highest level of internal training could be produced.

Having worked with Brainstorm Inc. since September 2010 it’s always a pleasure to be their go-to team for their projects. The first two videos of this trio are already live on their internal company and in use helping them to expand their instructors and demonstrate to them on how to deliver core points throughout live training.