Dog Trick Academy

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Dog Trick Academy is a website for providing pet training at home via purchase of an 8 week video series designed for online membership delivery. They requested 3D Virtual Tours for assistance to streamline and improve the production of their in-house trainig videos. This route would reduce their turnaround and also provide an option to extend beyond this current series.

Initially, there was the possibilty of engaging a 3rd party to edit and improve these videos, however it soon became clear that an alternative approach was required due to same day turnaround being a key requirement as part of their work flow. We believed that training their company to independently edit would be the best route for them to achieve an improved product. The aim was to help them avoid having to pay a contractor to do the same routine editing tasks on a daily basis. This would inevitably keep their overheads down for this start-up company.

The updated brief was then agreed for us to produce a number of customised video training tutorials that demonstrated exactly how to improve quality, reduce the production turnaround time and overall save them money.

The skills that we trained Dog Trick Academy in include the following:

  • Chroma Key Matte clean up
  • Add title sequences
  • Smooth transition sequences
  • Custom User Interface (UI) setup
  • Optimise encoding and compression
  • Fixing exposure variations during filming
  • Improve and create an efficient project layout
  • Work with Multi tracks for Video and Audio synchronisation


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