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3D Virtual Tours engaged in initial discussions with Hill House Interiors on one their projects requiring 3D graphics. Unfortunately, by client request their implementation was shelved. Several weeks later we were approached with a revised brief for the inital project. A large scale interior redesign project was currently in progress, however, several of the service trade contractors had been booked to commence building work before the final layout plans had been completed. Hill House had a large work load currently in progress and with staff members on holiday during August the deadline could not have been met so they opted to out-source.

This project was an unusual one for us, as we are largely requested by clients to convert their 2D plans into 3D images. Our revised brief was to produce accurate visual schematics/trade plans for 11 bathrooms within a 3 week timeframe. 3D Virtual Tours completed this project meticulously, showing exact tile joins and spacing, trade notes with key details and where all other fittings would be placed. Traditionally one would create a tile plan to have minimum cuts and waste, however, this project required optimum aesthetics for anyone entering one of the bathrooms.

The produced plans would later be printed on A0 paper for on-site use. This impressive project was completed 3 days ahead of the final deadline.

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