Lesson Cast – Promotion Video (WIP)

3D Virtual Tours are currently working on a promotional video. We were given a brief and engaged in further communications regarding this bespoke Motion graphics animation.

The company “LessonCast.org” is an education start-up that helps principals and other school leaders develop initiatives that improve teacher quality. They had created a script (copy and visual descriptions but no storyboard) for a descriptive pitch for their professional development company. After negotiations and further talks we provided insights and directions along with concept work to finalise their script. We first begun production on their animation starting with the illustration work below.

They informed us that the script needed to be “modern with clean silhouette style images and kinetic typography”. During the talks it became evident that the Kinetic Typography was less relevant and the bespoke image creation for uniqueness was more important.

Please see some of the artwork scenes we have already produced below. Some have stand in/temp characters/props for layout purposes.