LessonCast – 2D Animation

LessonCast Website Banner Image

This is the completed LessonCast.org promotional video that was created.

The educational company “LessonCast.org” helps principals and other school leaders develop initiatives that improve teacher quality. They supplied us with a script (copy and visual descriptions but no storyboard) for creating an animated video to promote their company. During negotiations we provided insights and directions along with concept work to finalise their script. We then begun production on their animation starting with the illustration work below. Other bespoke illustrations were required for this project including scene files, characters and the inclusion of 3D animation for several elements.

“LessonCast.org” informed us that they wanted the script to be “modern with clean silhouette style images and kinetic typography”. During discussions it became apparent that the kinetic typography was less relevant and the bespoke image creation for uniqueness was more important.

Please see some of the artwork scenes produced throughout the project below. Some have stand in/temp characters/props for layout purposes.

LessonCast - WIP Main School Image

LessonCast - Final Young Teacher Scene Image

LessonCast - Final Star Teacher Scene Image

LessonCast - Final Classroom Day Scene Image