The Art Of Business Design

Manny Perez - The Art Of Business Design 3D Logo Image

Shortly after completing a successful 3D logo project for Manny Perez he asked us if we could produce another logo design.

The brief for this project was “Create a toy themed logo based on the words – The Art Of Business Design”. Once provided with the title words we were asked to produce a concept idea. There were many thoughts and ideas but after careful consideration we chose to propose our initial logo design that was based on a toy train theme. We believed that this theme was the most approriate as the logo portrays the idea that business design is a journey and it takes artistic creativity to make it successful. Combining this with stationary carriages, bright colours, scaled fonts and interesting text positions the unique logo was achieved.

The concept was an instant hit and the project was commissioned to 3D Virtual Tours immediately. Manny Perez wanted the logo to be completed within 36 hours and true to our word we delivered the finished product with time to spare!