Piller Power Systems Russian Translation

After a successful project with Piller Power Systems to produce a DataCenter presentation, we have been requested to quote for converting this past project in to a complete Russian version.

It was originally indicated/hinted that the Presentation could be ported/adapted to other industrial applications such as changing the underlying theme from the DataCenter to hospitals or airports. This would involve a new voice over and adjustments to some animation and image/visual assets.

However a complete conversion of the presentation to Russian will be complicated. This will involve all the text, translation, voice over recording, re-sync of all animations and other extensive adjustments. We have currently converted the entire script in to a visual/indication format which will be translated by a Piller Agent. After some quick initial samples using Google Translate we believe there could be many issues with text being longer due to the Russian versions of the wording. This could present complex issues with animation timing and the overall time frame.

We will keep you posted on this project which will most certainly be a huge challege to complete.