Piller Power Systems

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We were approached by the Langley Holdings Plc marketing team to assist them with the production of a 20 minute high end presentation for the Piller Power Systems Division to demonstrate their IP-BUS UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) System. A PowerPoint presentation fully drafted with Voice Over, however it was not up to a standard to show at the conference.

Their initial aims and goal were to have fully animated diagrams and voice overs playing back while being synchronised for the viewer to follow. Unfortunately with the supplied PowerPoint version and Voice Over this was not possible so the project was re-designed and planned to be created in Adobe After Effects.

Production was on a tight schedule for this project with the deadline being fixed and rated as urgent for a US conference to be attended. The project was started quickly and a new Voice Over with a smoother slightly faster pace was also required. We fully managed the outsourcing for supply of the new version along with other visual and audio materials required throughout the project. During the project a number of changes were required; being the new speed reduced this 20 minute presentation down to 16 minutes. After final reviews before delivery it was felt that it was still too long and that it should be used further in conjunction with a sales team so the presentation was reduced further to 10 minutes and then supplied on USB Keys to the sales team to have this to hand when presenting to potential customers.

Please review the final presentation below. This has been deployed on their website, sales force and YouTube for social media exposure.