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During the development and implementation of the iDevAffiliate system for the Property Investor Toolkit (PITK) website it became clear that further changes needed to be made. The style and branding of the included marketing, promotion and training tools did not fit the branding of the company.

Having a thorough understanding of the system, we were asked to script and devise training materials for the marketing areas that the affiliate clients will have access to. We produced five affiliate tutorial videos leading with an overview of the system. Specific examples then followed on how to use the promotion tools they have available, efficiently and quickly.

We were supplied with the voice over audio file, created from our scripts, additional assets/locations/examples were setup and then screen capture began. We recorded the footage along with the audio, then rounded off the production of the final product by removing any audio re-takes and finalising editing with visual prompts, sound effects and music.

If you would like to take a look at the videos just click on the banner below or the image at the top of this page to visit the PITK website.


Property Investor Toolkit


Overview Video

Banners Tutorial

Text Links Tutorial

Text Ad’s Tutorial

Page Peals Tutorial