PITK – The Final Stages

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We have been assiting PITK since 2011 and this stage has been areas for the final implementation of various systems and design work for launch.

Recent areas that we have been assisting with include –

* Liasing with the core developer for the implementation of PayPal Payments for the subscription Cloud systems.
* Testing transaction flow processing.
* Resolution of the PayFlow issues with PayPal and ZenCart
* iDevAffiliate Issues, upgrades, adjustments and implementation.
* Re-ordering of specific website navigation/Pages and layouts.
* Re-Design and working of the websites sales model from a 3 Tier products setup (Starter, Premium and
Professional) to 3 core product areas being Download, Cloud and Network.
* Production of new vector graphics for the Software and Cloud systems along with new iamges and style for the
websites re-brand of the packages.
* Multiple testing stages for new areas being implemented. Problem solving and ensuring stability for upgrade
* Affiliate Accounts setup, Tier level modification and store custom discounts.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of a team to bringing a superb product to the market place for all to use. It’s setup so that anyone from a new investor individual through to a full scale training company can use the software. The software has a 15 day FREE trial that anyone can sign up to and use to see if it assists them in their daily business.