PITK – Development

Property Investors Toolkit Website Image

Since September 2011 3D Virtual Tours have been assisting with the development of areas surrounding Property Investor Toolkit (PITK).

The following list indicates the areas we have worked on for PITK:

* Green-screen Chroma Keying and compression.
* Html coding and customisation
* CSS coding and custom style modification
* WordPress Customisation
* Assisting with the development of the PITK software
* Quality control and regular testing of the systems
* Browser compatibility testing
* Video Editing
* Affiliate System full integration, upgrades and high level customisation
* Chart production and graphics
* Zen Cart customisation
* Video Production for training tutorials – Affiliate System and the PITK software

We were approached to work with PITK on range of areas during the latter stages of the project. Prior to a request for our services, a number of contractors had already assisted in development of different sections. On acceptance of starting this work we assisted with quality control, style modifications and other custom solutions continue the projects progression. The bespoke templates and themes which needed work were not items that we had initially developed. This meant we had to review/add code, make layout and style changes and create graphics in order to progress the projects towards completion.

Some of our most exciting and notable work has been assisting with mthe development and quality testing of the main PITK software platform and its related promotion/sales systems. The software system was designed from the ground up to be cross platform, cloud supported and widely accessible by all. The route taken was to use a web based engine requiring  Java, HTML, CSS, PHP and database systems being used.

As 3D Virtual Tours assisted towards the end of this project our main focus was assisting with the finer details such as……

  • Quality testing
  • Bug discovery and solutions
  • Layout  and style adjustments