PITK – Affiliate System

Property Investor Toolkit Website Banner Image

While 3D Virtual Tours were assisting with the Property Investor Toolkit website (PITK), we were also asked to seamlessly implement an affiliate system module within the framework. Prior to working with the PITK team, an affiliate system (by Jrox) had been selected for use. However, when we were assigned the task to develop and embed the system it became apparent that although it was a capable system, it could not meet all of the requirements.

Research was undertaken to discover an improved solution and iDevAffiliate was selected. The iDevAffiliate system gave us complete access to all the features that were required as well as an in-depth template structure for style modification. This allowed us to develop the platform to fit perfectly within the website’s bespoke wordpress framework.

The images below demonstrate the alterations made between the system’s default and fully customised layouts. Menu systems were modified and nearly every single template file updated to allow the project brief to be met. Non-essential elements were also removed from the system and custom graphics were then created to further embed iDevAffiliate within the website. The key aim was to make the affiliate system for PITK a much more efficient and user-friendly tool by showing only the most important information and not bombarding users with too much data.

SSL encryption has also been enabled to allow secure access for anyone dealing with their affiliate system through the website. PITK is now able to assign its highest regarded marketing companies their own personalised tier affiliate portals. This allows them to sign up their own 3rd party clients to generate their higher percentage tier commissions whilst also promoting the product to a wider market.