Purple Design – The Library

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Award Winning interior designer Orla Collins of “Purple Design” contracted 3D Virtual Tours to work alongside her on a large London project for a property renovation that had a budget in excess of £2m. The project was a large scale re-design requiring major architectural work and interior design of the entire property.

It is often difficult for clients to clearly visualise what designs will actually look like when only 2D plans or schematics are available to them. We worked alongside Purple Design to produce accurate visuals of what the re-designed rooms would really look like – including all soft furnishings.

Accurate details were supplied ranging from room dimensions through to the inclusion of every single item of soft furniture that had been chosen to satisfy the client’s brief. All information supplied to us came manufacturer brochures along with descriptions for positioning within each room.

These projects are incredibly rewarding to work on from the initial stages because of the very high level of detail involved. The resulting visuals allowed the design company to give a clear picture of what the final result would look like. This offers a major advantage if the client doesn’t like something as changes can be accommodated for!

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