2D Graphics

Today’s technological industries boast almost daily advancements in interactive and 3D graphics for areas such as smart phones and browser based 3D games. However, 2D has and will always have an invaluable place in the global market. Personal preference or other reasons such as clarity may make 2D the ideal medium for your project.

3D Virtualtours have worked with a number of clients whose projects have had a 2D design focus. Areas that we have assisted clients with include :

  • PowerPoint slide design and charts
  • Mind maps to make sure their ideas are transferable to their clients
  • Vehicle graphics for vinyl print
  • Web design elements such as icons, eye catching banners and layout graphics
  • Stylized vector animated promotional videos
  • Logo design, branding and other identity media
  • Custom Illustration
  • Photo manipulation projects- making the impossible appear real.

Below are several samples of 2D graphics projects we have completed. To see more visit our full portfolio.

WIP Lesson Cast School Image

PITK Affiliate Tier Chart Image

Purple Design Promotion Board Image

Alternative Vision Promo Launch Image