3D Graphics

We have worked with many industries requiring the use of 3D graphics to be implemented in their projects. Many forms of advertising and marketing along with all forms of entertainment are heading in an increasingly 3D direction pushing new boundaries for it’s inclusion.

At 3D Virtual Tours we believe that mobile platforms and browser based games are really helping to accelerate the use and drive for 3D. 3D elements have existed in computer games and the film industry for 25+ years. In the early years the amount of 3D graphics was restricted, yet each following year has seen a constant strive to incorporate more and more 3D elements especially in films to bring imaginative ideas to life.

3D Virtual Tours have worked with a wide range of clients whose projects have required these skills we offer. Several areas we have implemented 3D graphics and animation in are –

  • Logo Design
  • Interior Design
  • Education
  • Cross Section Animations of Equipment
  • Landscape Design
  • Emergency Training
  • Crime Scene and Forensics

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