Motion Graphics

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Every video or motion sequence is designed to tell a story. Unless you are an experienced video producer it can be difficult to express what a video should look like before it’s development has even begun – and we understand that.

The best way to depict how you require your finished product to look like is by using a script or storyboard – but not everyone is able to create one. That’s why we are happy to use your own script/storyboard, however if you are not at this stage yet and just have an idea/concept we’ll help create one for you based on your requirements.

To use an old advertising slogan ‘It’s good to talk’ and how true this is. The best solutions are always developed after talking with you before and continually throughout the project to understand and ensure that what you require produced and the story you need to tell others is met. In essence what you are really looking for is a story that others will want to hear and do something about – we progress this further once you are happy with the approach and proposals.

Here is an example of a short punchy motion graphics project that was designed to provide information on a companies products/services.

Some other videos we have produced for our clients have been in their following industries –

  • Education and Learning platforms
  • eCommerce/Online Shops promotion
  • Animated Game Trailers
  • iPhone/Mobile Platform Opening Animations
  • Logo/Branding Animations
  • Sales promotion Videos
  • Training

Visit our portfolio to view examples of clients projects we have completed for them.

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