Image/Photo Re-Touching

In todays world, technological advances grow every minute. The ability to enhance digital media and photography is now considered an integral stage to work flow. This arguably reduces the need for photographers to develop their skills as edits in post production can void any imperfections of the original image. However, regardless of your opinion, the expanding digital world is here to stay, producing mind blowing media and photography.

The photo modified below was completed for one of our client’s websites. It was supplied to us as a poor quality image, originally taken on an overcast day. Extra warmth, glow and a complete sky replacement (photo montage) has enriched the photo to give it the impression it was taken at dusk on a late summers evening.


We have assisted many clients with the re-touching and modification of photographs and other images.

Software we use to produce the highest quality images include:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Portrait Professional Pro

Why have an image re-touched?

  • Photographs taken centuries ago are now faded.
  • Mobile phones/devices that take photos may require enhancing for print use.
  • Holiday brochures – to entice people to book their get-aways.
  • Websites requiring the highest quality images to promote their services.
  • Industry areas such as- fashion and automotive trade.
  • Companies wishing to boost their product selling figures.
  • Start up business’s considering an online presence (perhaps a shop on ebay) where premium images DO increase sales.
  • Restoring damaged photographs.
  • Turning a black and white photo into colour.

Wedding photography on location

The wedding venue we attended had a reception with a high ceiling and this combined with intermittent stage lighting required the use of high powered flash units. Some areas were not practical for flash use so the native low lighting was unsuitable for quality photography. To work oround these limitations post production was used after the event and called for a series of modifications such as noise reduction, sharpening, softening skin tones and general clarity levels were amongst many adjustments used to recapture the exact images of the day.