Video Compression

For many years 3D Virtual Tours have assisted clients with video (and audio) compression and encoding techniques. Over 10,000  videos have passed through our office requiring optimisation and compression, at times  into very small web ready file sizes. There are several reasons to consider file size reduction – bandwidth costs, playback speed, file space approaching limits, or perhaps you have a passive web hosting video delivery system instead of running an expensive streaming service, or your aim is to provide the utmost overall balanced user experience.

Here is an example

The original video footage below (1 of 700+ files)  was approximately 30mb, we successfully reduced this file down to 8.5mb ( a 3.5x Reduction) improving loading times while reducing bandwidth.

We prefer (although we understand it’s not always possible) to be supplied with uncompressed source project files rather than previously encoded videos. If you can supply uncompressed .MOV or .AVI files the highest  quality of compression is possible. When original uncompressed files are not available we are still able to compress videos to very high quality levels, but to reach the ultimate file size to quality ratio, raw files are required to work from.

Previous projects have resulted in us being provided clients FTP details and requested to re-encode massive libraries of videos and footage to reduce monthly bandwidth usage, resulting in lower operating costs. Such a process will optimise and decrease on-line storage usage which is extremely advantageous for many companies.

Some of our clients have accessed this service as part of video and editing projects we undertake. Others specifically choose to integrate our compression skills by including us in their pipeline to achieve the best results possible for their projects.

3D Virtual Tours will work on projects of any size;  large scale projects have included converting both Martial Arts training libraries for website membership systems and Microsoft Office Certified training libraries. Our smaller projects have involved us editing single video files to help with our client’s projects providing solutions for them on demand.