Video Production & Editing

We are delighted to be working with clients worldwide on various projects requiring our Video Editing services for their day to day projects. It does not matter how large or small your project is as some clients require small scale services and others such as Brainstorm bring great volumes of editing work to our workforce. We always have input and skill sets to bring to the table for helping your production go as smoothly as possible. After all many videos we work on are used to increase visitors, conversion rates or be sold as part of a package so the turnaround time for their production while ensuring high quality is a bare minimum requirement.

Due to our close connections with larger companies like Brainstorm we are able to liaise on an impromptu basis to constantly accommodate occasions where sudden high volumes of work is required with short deadlines in place. This flexibility is a notion we would like to advocate to all our clients as we always deliver a high quality service.

Some examples of projects that we have assisted on include –

  • Software Training Tutorials
  • Screen capture demonstration projects
  • Conversion Projects based on provided drafts
  • Synchronization of Audio to Video
  • Show Reels
  • Promotion Trailers
  • Sales Pitches

We have worked with clients to quality control and edit thousands of videos for training purposes, social networking promotion for websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and even their own home pages. Some videos have been primarily for landing pages as sales pitches and conversions, others for video training to assist people learning software in the shortest time frames possible through to adding details, new images and text to previous videos.

Each will always given the same level of service. See our client list for impressive feedback we have received that reiterates our emphasis on our commitment to quality.