Visual Effects

Visual Effects are used in a wide range of areas. The most extensive use of these tends to be in the Film Industry using many methods in ways to bring the broad visions of Directors and story tellers in to visual form for all to see. Certain techniques used can be applied in similar forms, alternatively more sophisticated systems may be used in a wide range of projects that companies require on a daily basis.

3D Virtual Tours have worked on the following projects:

• Producing smoke effects to simulate emergency response training hazards.
• Creating a particle star trail effect upon a mouse hover for a game’s navigation menu found on the Internet.

Some examples of uses could be:

  • Colour correction to visually match one set of filmed footage to another set/other elements.
  • Particle effects for example smoke, sparks, warm breath in the winter.
  • Compositing a series of shots together to create a single image/video.
  • Including 3D/2D elements seamlessly within live action video footage.

These techniques and skills can also be applied in other areas such as games and Internet based solutions. We have also assisted in the creation of visual elements and the production of custom image sequence’s combined with Alpha channels for including in the latest iPad/iPhone game platforms.