SpellCraft – Promotion Game Trailer (WIP)

In 2011, 3D Virtual Tours worked on sound and special effects for the game – SpellCraft. Recently, we were re-approached to assist with the launch of the game using our skills to produce a promotion trailer.

3D Virtual Tours were responsible for the focus of the script, layout and concept document to deem how the trailer would ‘tell a story’. Currently we are working alongside the team who are developing the game to produce the 3D visuals for use within the trailer.

Below is an animated company logo for the opening shot and also an ending title sequence produced along with the sound design. Also, there is a work in progress (WIP) 3D render to be included within the trailer.

For this project we have been provided with graphics, sound elements and artwork used in the game. We are also assisting with the creation of full motion video (FMV) visuals to encourage viewers to download SpellCraft.