West Coast BJJ

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Don Whitefield is an instructor for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and has a video membership website (www.westcoastbjj.ca) for assisting with outside training for martial arts enthusiasts.

The videos on their website unfortunately loaded slowly due to the system in place being a passive delivery setup rather than a streaming service. The videos were hosted directly on their FTP meaning that large passive buffer times existed before playback begun. The solution was to reduce the video file sizes for several reasons, keeping bandwidth costs down and improve the start time.

The video files already existed in MP4 format, however they were not optimised. The original raw (uncompressed) files were also not available but we did get FTP access to download the video archive (approximately 700) allowing us to re-compress them again. We compressed to MP4 format whilst trying to avoid significant quality loss.

Don produces videos daily adding to an expanding library, so we also provided voice and screen instructions demonstrating how to optimise their video platform (iMovie) for exporting low file size MP4 videos for adding new videos to their website in the future.

Overall we reduced the full libraries collection from 12gb down to 5.5gb. An impressive reduction to videos that were already compressed.

Here is an example

The original video footage below (1 of 700+ files)  was approximately 30mb, we successfully reduced this file down to 8.5mb ( a 3.5x Reduction) improving loading times while reducing bandwidth.